Paul and
Jewelry in
the 1950’s

Years after their children had grown and moved away, P.J., Nancy, and Patricia returned to the business to satisfy their need for family and tradition. Taking all the knowledge and wisdom from their parents, the three siblings continuously balance the values of the past with their visions for the future. The strong family bond, shared memories, and the complex love of a family unit makes us unlike any other. Our strength is that we are united and share a unique sense of purpose that translates into a business model based on trust, respect, and shared goals.

Growing from Downtown to the Oil Center and, most recently, to its newest location on Camellia Blvd., Paul’s Jewelry has matured into a full-service jewelry store featuring the finest watches, extraordinary diamonds, and cutting-edge designer lines. At Paul’s, you will experience dedicated service, the beauty of quality jewelry backed by our personal guarantee, and the security of shopping with a jeweler you can trust.


because Jewelry is Personal